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We are proud to have sourced and sold some of the greatest Vintage Bentleys ever built.  We enjoy the blend of history and raw power that a Vintage Bentley has to offer, from the most original cars ever found to highly modified race cars.  Uniquely, the Bentley marque has – for decades – offered something for everyone’s style and purpose.


With a proven reputation of building winning rally cars and bringing home the silverware from the world’s toughest events – from the Peking to Paris to the Flying Scotsman – we empower our clients to do the same, and they have done so with much success.


Our team of dedicated toolmakers and engineers use both traditional toolmaking skills and the latest technology. This includes CNC mills, lathes, CAD with Solidworks and in house CMM inspection. We have approximately 1,800 products held in stock which are first fitted by our own mechanics in our workshops. Our parts are then test proven by some of the best Bentley drivers on the toughest roads around the world. Our company is built on leading from the front and bringing home the silverware – from events including the Peking to Paris and the Flying Scotsman – and we empower our clients to do the same… with great success!


Whether it’s a Concours like Pebble Beach, an endurance rally like the Peking to Paris, or one of our own Goodwood track days and BBQs, there is a world of adventure waiting.