Samurai Challenge, Japan
Event Date: 12/04/17 – 05/05/16

The Samurai Challenge is the first UK-organised competitive rally ever to visit Japan, running over 23 days in Spring 2017 – cherry blossom season – when crews will compete on a series of regularity sections along a spectacular route of 3,272km (2,033miles) from Fukuoka in the south to Lake Toya in the north. Following the pattern established on our highly acclaimed events in Burma and Bhutan, the Samurai Challenge will run to a relaxed schedule – the average daily distance is just 192km (119miles). As well as driving some of Japan’s most exciting roads, participants will enjoy luxury hotels and fine dining with plenty of time to socialise and to experience some of the country’s greatest natural, man-made and cultural treasures, from primeval landscapes and brooding volcanoes to the brilliant, neon-lit metropolis of Toyko and the island home of the internationally renowned Kodo Drummers.
Suitable for crews of any experience level, including novices, the Samurai Challenge is open to all veteran, vintage and classic cars of a type in production before 1974; there will also be a non-competitive Touring Category, open to any car. Navigation will be by straightforward tulip roadbook, with distances given in kilometres and miles, and there will be no car-breaking sections or night-driving.
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