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Bentley vs Talbot

As a keen motoring enthusiast, I’ve been to see some great historic racing over the years. 

I’ve always followed the exploits of William Medcalf, from the Spa 6 hour to the Benjy 24, and his huge successes in the historic rallying world. At Classic Le Mans this year I was disappointed to check out the pre-war grid, and not to find the Medcalf-Turner duo in the works 3-litre team car, which they so magnificently campaigned last time here. I was, therefore, surprised to bump into William leaving the drivers enclosure with his race kit on, and assumed he must be campaigning his Mini, or something more modern. I checked the entry lists, but surprisingly couldn’t find him listed anywhere, which I thought was a little odd. I settled into my grandstand seat for the night practice session and as the pit window opened, the pre-war cars thundered in for their driver changes. It’s always marvellous to watch John Rushton’s hugely professional approach to his team of Talbots, as slick an outfit as Ron Dennis would ever wish for. Low and behold, who should jump out of one of the Talbots but that dastardly devil MEDCALF! I couldn’t believe my eyes, seeing our Bentley hero driving for team Talbot.

If any further confirmation was needed the next day, sure enough, William was on track, sprinting towards a lime green Talbot for the Le Mans start. It was a superb three-piece race, with plenty of action. I tackled John Rushton in the paddock and asked if he’d employed the services of a Bentley boy recently, to which he gave a wry smile. Later that evening around the campfire with my mates we wondered where else Medcalf may have appeared without our knowl-edge. How many alias’ does he have? He has an uncanny re-semblance to Seagrave and there’s now a rumour that he’s been spotted in GT3.

Brexit is one thing, Medcalf driving a Talbot has got us really confused! A round of applause for John Rushton, the master tactician!

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