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Dancing on Ice

The ICE St. Moritz is a new 

and intriguing event in the historic motoring calendar, created to enjoy driving, displaying and watching some of the world’s most exciting motor cars performing on the unlikely environment of a frozen lake.

We caught up with Alex Boller, who took to the ice in his  4 1/2 Litre vintage Bentley…

Q) Was this your first experience of driving on ice, and how did you find the car in these challenging surroundings?

A) A friend of mine told me that they are thinking about organising an event on the frozen Lake of St.Moritz. I was looking forward to participating with my 4 ½ Litre vintage Bentley. My biggest worries were regarding the cold temperatures in the beginning of March – my anti-freeze liquid would be tested to its limit. Nonetheless. The car ran superbly and had a lot of grip with its big wheels, in contrary to the other participating modern super cars. The driving experience was indescribable as we were sliding smoothly around the corners in the middle of the beautiful lake.

Q) What were your personal highlights of the St. Moritz ICE event?

A) Our performance towing a skier on period wooden skies capturing the spirit of motoring. Furthermore, we appreciated the positive feedback from all over the world. I feel W.O. would be proud that a century after founding his legacy of Bentley Motors, his cars are still powering adventures. This was a great way to start the celebration of one hundred years of Bentley Motors.

Q) Do you plan to participate and make this a regular event for yourself and your Bentley?

A) Simple Answer: Yes –  it’s a must! Fittingly, Alex Boller’s 4 ½ Litre won the first ‘Spirit of St. Moritz’ ICE driving event, with members of the Bentley equipe skiing behind the 4 ½ Litre on tow ropes, this unusual sight underlining the link with ‘those madmen and their vintage Bentleys.’ All very fitting, given that 2019 is Bentley’s centenary year since the exclusive sporting luxury British car maker was founded on 10 July 1919.

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