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Don’t stress, I’m sure there’s a plan…

The Benjafield’s Goodwood sprint in May is always a bit of a mad affair and unlike any other sprint known to man.

Members of the Benjafield’s club bring together the most eclectic mix of motorsport possible, from 1898 star which competed against one of the latest Ferraris. It’s seriously surreal and it’s still amazing how they pull off events which defy gravity. The highlight of the sprint was bearing witness to two metro 6R4 Group B rally cars being driven on the limit – but not in the usual sprint sense of each car taking it’s turn on a lonely circuit, but being waved off side by side by a beautiful blonde for a full-on shootout! Not content with a couple of runs which burst the sound meters, members of the Benjafield’s Racing Club took matters into their own hands and decided to turn one of the 6R4’s round on the start line, much to the disgust of the Goodwood management! Now the two Group B rally cars were let lose in op- posing directions – it’s never been seen before and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see it again. As the cars thundered out of sight, many of us on the paddock terrace were left questioning whether we were about to bear witness to a major incident and how on earth the Benjafield Racing Club would ever continue to exist following the inevitable motorsport backlash. In less than a minute and twenty seconds, feverish concern and genuine calls for a sanity check, one of the 6R4’s reappeared alongside a Blower Bentley. As they came to rest in a haze of tire smoke on the start finish line, it was finally clear that we’d all been had… the whole thing was a ploy. Cunningly, the Benjafield Racing Club had deployed a Blower Bentley to the far side of the circuit for one of the 6R4 drivers to swap into before returning to the cheering and very relieved crowd of spectators. What a fantastic way to light up a day, as if it needed lighting up any more. Truly original and masterfully executed, the Benjafield Goodwood Sprint is an absolute must for 2018.

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