Vintage Bentley Sales

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We are proud to have sourced and sold some of the greatest Vintage Bentleys ever built.  We enjoy the blend of history and raw power that a Vintage Bentley has to offer, from the most original cars ever found to highly modified race cars.  Uniquely, the Bentley marque has – for decades – offered something for everyone’s style and purpose.

Our Criteria

Nothing is selected for our collection without being identified with at least two out of three highly selective criteria: A car of recognised and significant engineering innovation in its day, a historic provenance that stands the vehicle out as unique and collectible, a unique and rare example of its type.

Our contacts

Through our motoring contacts worldwide, we are well placed to ensure any car consigned to us is showcased to like-minded collectors and enthusiasts who share our passion for vintage Bentleys.

We are proud to offer a professional and confidential personal service to our clients and fellow enthusiasts. If you already own a vintage Bentley or pre-war car, or need advice and assistance in expanding or reconfiguring your collection, please get in touch. All enquiries are handled in complete confidence.