Our Story

Vintage Bentley is an advanced automotive engineering business that has been more or less 40 years in the making. Our Founder was a mere five years old when he experienced a 28,000 mile trip of a lifetime across the US and Canada in the family vintage Bentley. Subsequent teaching by his toolmaker father in all traditional engineering practices, together with numerous opportunities to work on the family 3/4.5 litre and subsequent Speed Six, resulted in our Founder’s lifelong passion for vintage Bentley models and the almost inevitable decision, to devote a life to maintaining and preserving these automotive legends.

First established in some spare workshop space at the family engineering business in North London, as Vintage Bentley's client base expanded, it was clear the confines of the space available would not accommodate the company's ambitions to become the definitive vintage Bentley specialist. To this end, the move in 2011 to the current premises in West Sussex between Brooklands and Goodwood, provide the space to build a facility which more or less undertakes every facet of vintage Bentley preservation and restoration in-house.

Today the business has grown to a thriving enterprise, run by an experienced management team employing over 30 highly skilled staff. The establishment of a staff apprenticeship training system, knowledge transfer programs and a substantial investment in state of the art CNC machining, prototyping and manufacturing facilities, means the business is well positioned to look after Vintage Bentley models for today's, as well as tomorrow's custodians - a state of affairs that we believe is a fitting tribute to what is the genesis of the modern day supercar!

We have strived hard to become the world's leading Vintage Bentley specialists under the premise that it is better to do one thing well, rather than many things less well and therefore we work exclusively, on the W.O Bentley's made between 1922 and 1932.

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The Vintage Bentley Story