Our Approach

Passion For Vintage Bentley

Obsession for Excellence

Our passion for Vintage Bentley is best communicated through an "Obsession for Excellence". We believe to yield the best return from your vintage Bentley custodianship you should be able to drive the cars - preferably hard! This is partly because these thoroughbred competition cars are so superbly engineered and also because the enjoyment of driving these cars on your own ,on track, or with 3 enthusiastic passengers on the road, makes them such a versatile enjoyable ownership proposition. To produce the highest quality of work and knowledge base to preserve these cars today and for the future, we have invested heavily in team and engineering facilities.

Vintage Bentley Our Approach

Highly trained engineering team

You can have the best facilities to do the job (which incidentally we have!) - but they are as only as good as the knowledge inherent within the team that use them. From the onset our team has been based around a core of highly experienced engineers with a vast repository of knowledge of Vintage Bentley. As our business has grown, to ensure we have staffing capability for the future of the business, we have established an apprenticeship scheme which provides a thorough training programme for apprentices in all facets of Vintage Bentley preservation. This approach has led to a sizeable home grown team with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the cars and has safeguarded the future of our Vintage Bentley expertise for generations to come.

Engineering Facilities

First and foremost, the cornerstone of our business is our unparalleled engineering resources. When we moved to Hill Brow we had a vision to create an enterprise which would enable us to undertake all major activities concerning Vintage Bentley preservation in house. After 10 years of significant and time and investment we now have an engineering centre with all the traditional hand operated tools, supplemented with the latest state of the art CNC machinery. We have invested in prototyping, SolidWorks and 3d scanning and printing tools and have a number of purpose built tools for parts production so that there is nothing on a Vintage Bentley we cannot repair, restore or replace in-house - to keep your car on the road.

Vintage Bentley Our Approach Vintage Bentley Our Approach