Follow our carbon neutral journey

Much of the joy of owning a vintage Bentley comes from being able to drive it in beautiful places. Our obsession with preserving these cars for future generations means we must be committed to ensuring what we do is also environmentally sustainable, to protect the natural world. The cars themselves help us in this regard. Of course, unlike many modern cars, they never need to be disposed of because their information systems architectures have become obsolete. They are fully repairable, any worn-out parts are recyclable, they contain no plastic, and their wooden bodies and leather upholsteries are inherently environmentally sustainable. They do not require machine tools and they will always be hand-made. Combining traditional hand tools with 3-D prototyping and CNC parts manufacture ensures minimal scrappage and swarf loss, so our engineering is carbon-efficient.

With rare exception, we make everything in-house and so fully recommissioning, repairing and servicing the cars under one roof ensures we keep supply chain emissions to an absolute minimum. Beyond this, we are investigating all aspects of Vintage Bentley, from power supply at one end to recycling services at the other, to ensure we reduce waste and minimise consumption of resources. This is so that we can remove, reduce, and comprehensively recover all otherwise unavoidable carbon emissions. We have already tested 100% genuine non-fossil fuel to assess its compatibility with our Bentleys; their exhaust emissions can now be rendered carbon neutral without any modifications. We now run this fuel in all our competition cars. In short, we are confident Vintage Bentley can make a thoroughgoing, positive and verifiable contribution towards the UK meeting its environmental sustainability targets.

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