16 December 2021

Are you sitting comfortably and with warmth?

If you actively use your Bentley year round, you will inevitably draw the conclusion that your car deals with cold weather with impunity whereas passengers and even drivers can be more susceptible to the elements.

This is particularly apparent if you compete with your car on events and you wish to keep your navigator happy!

Based on the vast competition event experience we have accrued ourselves and through clients we have developed a very discreet heated seat option which enables a degree of comfort and warmth - whatever the weather. This option can be incorporated into your existing trim or as part of a new set of seats (which also are rather more comfortable!)

The image below is of a pair of Vanden Plas seats we hold in stock - but a number of other options are available...

Click here to get in touch and let us discuss how we can make the "hot" seats more comfortable!

Are you sitting comfortably and with warmth?