28 March 2022

The Generations Rally 2022

An Event Experience from William Medcalf

Generations Rally – Rally the Globe March 2022

Having spent three days rallying in the No. 9 SuperSports on the Generations Rally, hosted by Rally the Globe, my wife Kate and I are simply in ore of the Bentley’s performance. This SuperSports is totally standard and original both technically and aesthetically.  Still with her original white metal crankshaft and rods, I thought this event was a great opportunity to ‘test’ her after many years of quirt retirement. I had not fully appreciated Rally the Globe would route us over Wrynose Pass, Honister Pass, Kirkstone Pass and finally the toughest road in the UK Hardknott Pass. Brutal very much describes the journey, however, both of us and the car loved every minute of it.

Being the rarest Bentley ever built the ‘100MPH Green Label SuperSports’ was with 80BHP, a rocket in its day! Having rebuilt and developed many of the original 18 SuperSports to over 200BHP, it was a privilege to experience one again in its purest original form in a challenging environment. To follow two other SuperSports (No. 4 and No. 17) across the Moors drenched in sunshine was special and reminded me why I fell in love with these SuperSports almost 20 years ago. Kate drove the route and I navigated only using the stars for guidance, which bore out in the results! We stopped to take in the breath-taking views which resulted in an incredibly refreshing event.

TR829 has a huge heart and never missed a beat, she is all the better for the run out.  We have a huge admiration and respect for this motorcar and will be sorry to see her leave our showroom…

Photo Credit: Gerard Brown (

The Generations Rally 2022