04 April 2022

The Third Win - Flying Scotsman 2022

An Event Experience from William Medcalf

Flying Scotsman HERO-ERA April 2022

Reflections on the morning after... HERO-ERA are an amazing team and the Flying Scotsman billed as ‘the premiere vintage rally’ is well deserved.  Having won this event three times with three different cars, also three different navigators, I believe it is the toughest pre-war event in the world. Crews travel from around the globe to participate and just a few seconds can be the difference. An enjoyable reunion with my three navigators DK (14) TB (15) and AP (22), each the best of their field. Gentlemen, you forever have my admiration and thank you for helping us prove the cars we prepare are indeed up to the challenge.

WT1023 will now be delivered to her new owner, truly tested and proven less than 72 hours from the finish line.

The team at Vintage Bentley are hugely proud of the work they do and rightly so.


The Third Win - Flying Scotsman 2022