23 August 2023

Powered by Synthetic Fuel at CarFest

This weekend William will be at CarFest with a 1924 3 4 ½ Litre powered by synthetic fuel. 

As great advocates and chosen partners of P1 Fuel we will be supporting the alternative fuels category. 

Look out for us on the radio, at the parades or in the paddock all over the weekend.

If you are attending and catch a glimse of this Vintage Bentley, tag us on social media @vintagebentleyheritage and we will be sure to re-share the best shots. 

What better way to join a family event, sharing our passion and inspiring our next generation in a fully renewable way.

We look forward to seeing many of you there as we continue on our journey to use the past to write the future. 


Powered by Synthetic Fuel at CarFest