05 January 2024

Vintage Bentley, The First Carbon Neutral W.O Specialist

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Carbon Neutral journey. 

Through verifiable best practice, Vintage Bentley intends to be a leading influencer in the historic and vintage vehicle restoration industry with regards to environmental sustainability. Our sustainability journey is an initial five-year (2024-2028) commitment to remove, reduce and otherwise recover carbon emissions from Vintage Bentley.

As part of our sustainability journey, we shall annually measure and analyse the carbon footprint of our activities regarding Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions under the Environmental Act (2021).

Vintage Bentley Objectives:

1) Use 100% non-fossil fuels when competing in the UK and Europe

2) Operate The Works with as little environmental impact as financially feasible

3) Recover travel, accommodation and related emissions

4) Encourage clients to operate their Bentleys (fuel, service, repair or maintenance) in a carbon neutral manner

5) Use the business’ influence as a change-agent, demonstrating best practice in carbon neutral vintage motoring and motorsport. 

We recognise our responsibility to vintage motoring is not simply ‘neutral’ regarding carbon but ‘nature-positive’. Through systematic engagement, we encourage all stakeholders of Vintage Bentley to minimise environmental impacts both within the business and more widely. We have embarked on a journey of continuous sustainability improvement through direct measurement, frequent internal and external discussions, in addition to formal annual reviews. We shall share our journey on our website and media platforms inclusive of the following:

  • Environmental Sustainability Goal, Objectives, and Targets
  • Synthetic Fuel
  • Emissions Recovery Scheme
  • Wider sustainability at Vintage Bentley
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our Sustainability page to read further about our journey and peruse a selection of our FAQs. To see our complete Environmental Statement, share your journey or enlighten us with Nature Positive initiatives, please contact the team

Vintage Bentley, The First Carbon Neutral W.O Specialist
Vintage Bentley, The First Carbon Neutral W.O Specialist