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Having preserved, restored and serviced more Vintage Bentleys than most, the issue of reliable parts supply to the standards we work to used to present a major challenge. The cars we work on are now between 90 and 100 years old and despite the reliability and engineering capabilities of the components made by the highly skilled toolmakers in Cricklewood - the 5 year warranty on major parts expired some time ago!

These cars have always been sought after, but perhaps 50 years ago the quality of replacement parts were not to the standard of accuracy that can be achieved today. To ensure reliable parts supply for today and the future, we have applied our considerable expertise and manufacturing capabilities to producing over 2000 product lines and typically hold over 50,000 parts in stock at any time. This means that in practical terms, we can supply all parts for any Vintage Bentley from stock.

Add the parts you want to your basket, then send us an enquiry. We will contact you within 1 working day with a price and availability for the parts, as well as shipping costs to wherever you are in the world. Alternatively, you can talk to a member of our sales team on +44 (0)1730 895511 and we will be happy to assist. You can email us at If you don’t see what you want in the catalogue, or you need bespoke parts then our dedicated manufacturing department is at your disposal. Full terms and conditions available on request.

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Monit Ext Cable

PART : 201393

Monit GPS Antenna Bracket

PART : 201554

Monit Sensor Gearbox Bracket

PART : 201555

Monit Sensor Overdrive Bracket

PART : 201556

Monit Dash Mounting Bracket

PART : 200510
Fuel System

Fuel/Air Pipe Clamp Half

PART : 201404

Tyrepal - Tyre Pressure Monitor

PART : 200243

Tyrepal - Replacement Caps

PART : 202809

Dual 12V Socket & USB Outlet

PART : 200171

Anker Power Drive 5 USB Hub

PART : 201580

Dash Lamp Cap

PART : 201250

Main/Dip/Side Driving Light

PART : 202111
Gearbox Propshaft & Overdrive

Nylon Speedo Cable Drive Gear

PART : 201564
Engine Top End

Tappet Screw Adjuster

PART : 203652

Swissvax Entry Collection

PART : Swissvax Entry Collection

Swissvax Master Collection

PART : Swissvax Master Collection

Swissvax Discovery Kit

PART : Swissvax Discovery Kit

Lotos Protectant Kit

PART : 203551

Lotos Speed 500ml

PART : 203553

Metal Polish 50ml

PART : 203555

Protecton 250ml

PART : 203557

Leather Softener 250ml

PART : 203559

Elephant Leather Fat 125ml

PART : 203560

Leather Care Kit

PART : Leather Care Kit
Engine Top End

Cam Cover Dome Nut

PART : 200965
Engine Top End

Stainless Steel Nut 2BA

PART : 200392
Engine Top End

Camshaft Vernier Wheel Bolt

PART : 200978
Engine Top End

Top Block Stud - Short

PART : 201008
Engine Top End

Top Block Stud - Long

PART : 200966
Engine Top End

Inlet Manifold Mounting Stud

PART : 201327
Engine Top End

Inlet Manifold Stud - Long

PART : 200864
Engine Top End

Inlet Manifold Nut 5/16" BSF

PART : 200385
Engine Top End

Exhaust Manifold Stud

PART : 200386
Engine Top End

Exhaust Manifold Brass Nut 3/8" BSF

PART : 200387
Engine Top End

Top Cover Nut 6 1/2L & 8L

PART : 202731
Engine Bottom End

Gallery Nuts And Tab Washer 6 1/2L & 8L

PART : 202753
Engine Top End

Brass Exhaust Dome Nut 1/4" BSF

PART : 200399
Cooling System

Water Pump Adjuster Nut

PART : 200480
Engine Top End

Block Nut

PART : 200788
Engine Bottom End

Crankcase Stud - Long

PART : 201095