Model Guide

3 Litre Vintage Bentley

Production Run

1921 to 1928 - although 3 experimental models were made prior to production - 1 in 1919 and 2 in 1920

Production Total

A total of 1636 made - including 14 destroyed by fire - 2 of which have been rebuilt

3 Litre Engine Specification

2,996cc with 80mm bore and 149mm stroke 4 cylinders

3 Litre Vintage Bentley

Specifications & Information

Blue Label specification included a 5 jet Smith-Bentley carburetor and a 4.3:1 compression ratio resulting in 70 bhp at 3,500 RPM which delivered an 80 mph top speed.

Red Label Speed models came with twin SU carburetors and a 5.3:1 compression ratio producing 85 bhp and a 90+ mph top speed.

Green Label 100 mph Supersports models - of which only 18 were made - were fitted with short chassis and a lightweight body which was also a key factor in these sought after models reaching the "ton". The radiator was distinctively tapered at the base. The high state of tune of these models with the compression ratio being 6.3:1, together in some cases with fitment of a racing heavy duty crankshaft, was reflected in the standard 5 year warranty being adjusted to 12 months.

There were 3 primary chassis lengths:

  • Short Standard9'9½"
  • Long Standard10'10"
  • Speed Model9'9½"
  • 100 mph9'00"

Comments From Vintage Bentley

The mainstay of Vintage Bentley production, these 3 litre models were the genesis of the Bentley legend and proved themselves at the highest level in competition. Many of these early chassis have been subsequently converted to 4.5 litre for performance reasons, although a rebuilt replacement 3 litre engine of today can produce significantly more power than they did in period. Up until 1924 the cars had rear brakes only, although once again, many cars today have been changed to 4 wheel braking for performance and safety reasons, for use on modern roads. The short chassis models handle with alacrity, but we can make any 3 litre model perform to a high level!

Our founder has been a long term owner of the first of the 18 Supersport models made for a long time - its a model for which we have a great affinity!