Model Guide

4 Litre Vintage Bentley

Production Run

1931 to 1933

Production Total

A total of 50 made

4 Litre Engine Specification

3915cc with 85mm bore and 115mm stroke 6 cylinders

4 Litre Vintage Bentley

Specifications & Information

The 4 litre model was conceived as a belated and unsuccessful response to shore up the company's finances aswell as presenting a direct competitor to the Rolls Royce 20/25. At 2/3rds of the price of an 8 litre this "economy"(!) model used a Ricardo IOE straight-six engine producing 120 BHP. Predictably the heavy coachwork fitted to the 8 litre chassis upon which the model was largely based on, resulted in a performance deficit when compared to the 8 litre engine models and sales did not take off.

The final Vintage Bentley model made before the Rolls Royce takeover.

There were 2 chassis lengths made ranging from:

  • 11'2
  • 11'8

Comments From Vintage Bentley

We have had a couple through the workshop over the years and 28 examples from the production run of 50 are known to have survived. Many of the cars have now been used as either parts donors or had their engines replaced and modified into special models.