Model Guide

8 Litre Vintage Bentley

Production Run

1930 to 1932

Production Total

A total of 100 made

8 Litre Engine Specification

7983cc with 110mm bore and 140mm stroke 6 cylinders

8 Litre Vintage Bentley

Specifications & Information

This straight-six engine used a one-piece iron block and non-detachable cylinder head with a crankcase made from Elektron magnesium alloy. As with previous models, it was an OHC design, driven by a Bentley patented "three - throw drive" system of triple connecting rods, with aluminium pistons, twin spark ignition via a pair of magnetos and the usual 4 valve heads. Predictably power and torque were impressive and 220 BHP was the quoted output from the factory. The models were advertised as capable of 125 mph depending on coachwork, with a guarantee of at least 105 mph. A new 4 speed gearbox was developed for the model and the prodigious torque meant you could pull away in top from a walking pace with impunity.

The 8 litre was more or less the Vintage Bentley swansong model before the ill-fated 4 litre and subsequent Rolls Royce takeover and reflected a response to customer demand for ever more luxurious and extravagant coachwork and running gear to match. It has been suggested the development cost of this model led to Bentley's demise into receivership and subsequent acquisition by Rolls-Royce.

There were 2 chassis lengths made ranging from:

  • 12'0 35 made
  • 13'0 65 made

Comments From Vintage Bentley

The ultimate Vintage Bentley engine in size terms, the remaining 78 models of the 100 made today are highly sought after. The 8 litre engines have also been retro-fitted into short chassis 3 litre models over the years for competition applications. Performance of these hybrids(!) is more than enough to satisfy the demands of the sporting motorist and we can confirm from our experience that this combination can provide wheelspin on demand in the first 3 gears on track environments! We have driven, preserved and raced all manner of 8 litre models, from stately coachbuilt saloons, to modified tourers and have an intimate knowledge of these majestic vintage cars. The last of the line!