Model Guide

H.M Bentley Short Chassis

Production Run

1932 to late 1930's

Production Total

We have made 2 examples so far - which have covered 40,000 miles between them

H.M Bentley Short Chassis Engine Specification

4398cc with 100mm bore and 140mm stroke 4 cylinders

H.M Bentley Short Chassis

Specifications & Information

Each iteration of Bentley has it's advantages, but there is one standout model which is a jack of all trades, the Bentley Short Chassis developed by H.M Bentley. H.M - W.O's brother - ran the Bentley workshop after the factory closed in 1932 and spruced up older Bentleys which had fallen on hard times with fresh engines, a rebody and a shortened chassis to end up with a sportier driving experience. Here at Vintage Bentley we have taken this model as an inspiration to produce several 4.5 litre "H.M Bentleys". We start with a 4.5 litre Bentley and shorten the chassis to 9'6" from the original 10'10" - a size which enables the 4 seater coachwork to be retained, whilst providing a fine handling chassis. The engine receives a plethora of upgrades to get to 200 BHP and the brakes are upgraded to suit. The total conversion can include as many or as little of the event proven modifications we offer, resulting in a very rewarding to drive, reliable, 100 mph Vintage Bentley.

Chassis length:

  • 9' 6"

Comments From Vintage Bentley

Two of the cars we have built to this specification have covered 40,000 miles of heavy use over 4 years with numerous successful competition participations at events such as the Benjafield 100 at Silverstone, the Goodwood Revival Brooklands Trophy and the 1000 Mile Trial. An owner of one of these cars has stated, "This is the only car that has been delivered on time, on budget and has worked right out of the box." We have nothing to add to that other than to say this model is just one example of special build projects we undertake for customers. We can build a bespoke Vintage Bentley suited to your exact specification and perhaps more importantly ensure it is built with an engineering integrity, so you can use the car enthusiastically during your custodianship!