Coach Trimming

In-house coach trimming department

The combination of access to our extensive photo archives and practical experience on working on so many different Vintage Bentleys, means we have a strong understanding of the period techniques and materials to ensure the provision of coach trimming work which authentically recreates the trim options offered when the cars were new.

We relish the challenge of preserving and bringing back to life original upholstery and on the basis that many of the cars we work on are actively used, we are delighted that the trend today errs towards preservation and a more authentic presentation, than purely "better than new" finishes we see on some "restorations" geared towards lesser Concours events.

That said, there are instances that 100 years of active use or even more recent active competition participation in hostile environments, results in trim which simply needs replacement. Here we can faithfully re-create the original trim the car was supplied with or craft an interior in period style to your precise needs.

We usually have a pair of new Vanden Plas seats in stock - specifically tailored to present an authentic period appearance and a level of comfort which is somewhat higher than worn out original seats - helpful when you are undertaking an endurance event. We also provide heated seat options - vital if you want happy navigators on some of the colder events.

There is not much we cannot do to interpret a client's requirements on upholstery, trim and hoods, but we always respect the car and what would be appropriate in period and for the car's intended use. No - we won't fit a modern coffee or karaoke machine into a Vintage Bentley - but we will discreetly fit charging points to assist you in navigation across a desert for the Peking to Paris or any other endurance event.

Vintage Bentley In-house coach trimming department Vintage Bentley In-house coach trimming department

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