Driving Tuition

Vintage Bentley Driving Tuition and advice

All sorts of myths exist when it comes to the challenges of driving a Vintage Bentley. Yes - it has a non-synchromesh gearbox, yes - it has a centre throttle pedal and yes there are some adjustments to be made to the car in respect of ignition and carburation which impact on the car's performance behind the wheel.

The reality is that after a weekend of relaxed tuition with one our team, we can have you changing gear like an old hand, quickly adapting to the pedal arrangement and adjusting elements of the engine running to ensure optimum performance.

Once you join the Vintage Bentley community, there is a degree of mutual respect that once you have mastered the controls of this vintage Supercar, you are invariably applying a level of skill that is somewhat greater than operating flappy paddles on a driver aids festooned Supercar. The driving experience and rewards when you conduct a Vintage Bentley with authority - really cannot be matched by PlayStation modern cars!

We can provide tuition ranging from mastering the basics, to competitive driving skills enabling you to compete at the sharp end in the most prestigious historic events. Be warned - driving a Vintage Bentley becomes addictive - whether down to the pub with friends, drifting on an owners club stubble field event, to competing in major historic events which your Vintage Bentley provides you access to!

Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley Driving Tuition and advice

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