Vintage Bentley first class engineering services

Our team of dedicated toolmakers and engineers use both traditional and toolmaking skills and the latest technology. This includes CNC mills, lathes, CAD with Solidworks and in-house CMM inspection.

This enables us to not only undertake any engineering service associated with preservation, restoration and repair work on a Vintage Bentley but also to manufacture in-house 1800 product lines - so that typically we hold over 50,000 parts in stock.

Our engineering facilities are unrivalled - please come and arrange an appointment to come and see for yourself!

Research & Development

You might think cars that nearly a century old have nothing left in development terms to produce more performance, reliability and driving pleasure. We disagree! When you have sampled 200 reliable BHP in a taught chassis optimised for a particular driving application, we believe that you might agree.

We are currently undertaking a number of R&D projects using our state of the art technology platforms ranging from universal wiring looms to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Surrey University modelling a complete 4.5 litre engine to see what the limits of reliable power production are. We already build crankshafts and rods that are safe to 7000 rpm - even when they are employed in engines which produce peak power at 3500 rpm. We look forward to finding out the answer to how a 4.5 litre engine might rev to 5500 rpm and produce 250 bhp!

We also have an 8 litre supercharged unit in development - specifically to power a contender for the fastest Vintage Bentley in the world. The current record is 157 mph, so we are aiming for a power output in excess of 500 bhp and vast reserves of torque, which we suspect would give a few modern sports cars something to think about.

Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley first class engineering services Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley first class engineering services

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