Expert coachbuilding skills and techniques

When Bentley's were sold new - they were sold as a rolling chassis for the client to choose their coachbuilder. There were typically 3 styles of body type:

  • Saloons and Limousines
  • Cabriolets, Drophead Coupes and Landaulets
  • Tourers and all-weathers

The list of coachbuilders is too extensive to be covered here and the reality is that many of the more complex and elaborate saloon bodies have long since been replaced by Le Mans replica 3 door Vanden Plas style bodies(!), but every so often totally original cars still turn up and we relish the opportunity to preserve the coachwork.

Mindful of the fact that most of the original coachbuilders are defunct, we relish the opportunity to apply our experience to preserve and restore bodywork to original condition or replace sub-standard replica work, where repairs at some stage in the car's life were undertaken with expedience in mind! We have extensive practical experience from the large number of cars that have been through our workshops and a pool of original drawings to ensure that our coachbuilding output reflects a sensitive and accurate rendition of work that was undertaken nearly 100 years ago.

The coachwork skills we offer using traditional methods and techniques include:

  • Coachbuilding and panel work
  • Sensitive preservation of existing panelwork, bonnets, wings etc
  • Bespoke coachwork design to your specification
  • Creation of tanks and storage boxes for event use
  • Expert welding services for aluminium, steel and iron repairs and fabrication

Vintage Bentley Expert coachbuilding skills and techniques Vintage Bentley Expert coachbuilding skills and techniques

Vintage Bentley Coachwork Video