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Vintage Bentley Event and Competition Preparation

Happily for us a significant proportion of our customers use their cars actively in competition, an activity we wholeheartedly endorse! We would assert that certainly in the last decade, we have a track record in endurance events on and off-road which is second to none. We have run many cars in the Peking to Paris, Le Mans Classic, Benjafield 100 at Silverstone, the Goodwood Revival, Brooklands Trophy, 1000 Mile Trial and countless other historic and owner club events and our trophy cabinet bears testament to our success. Our experience is such, that usually specific to each event we have a detailed preparation check list for component wear and likely areas to address so that your Vintage Bentley has the best possible chance of performing strongly and crucially reliably for the duration of the event.

For all major overseas events where we are supporting customers, we have staff correctly vaccinated on standby, ready to fly out should any service requirement arise and have first-hand practical experience providing on event support in remote locations all over the world including Russia, Mongolia, South America and numerous deserts far from traditional support infrastructure. We use our extensive event experience to produce competition proven parts, specific to the demands of a particular event. We produce more or less the entire parts catalogue you need to keep your Vintage Bentley on the road, but to meet our exacting standards there is no substitute for testing parts to the limit in the heat of competition. When you are in the middle of the Gobi Desert - probably 10,000 miles away from the nearest Vintage Bentley parts supplier - there is a degree of comfort to know that the components in our differential are engineered to the highest standards anywhere in the world and forward motion is unlikely to be impeded - even if a few "doughnuts" are undertaken in the desert terrain - because you can! In effect the demands of these events provide an engineering testing "loop" where practical feedback on longevity is fed into our engineering processes for future component production.

The engines we build on our dynamometer are tested for 8 hours and supplied with guaranteed power outputs so that you can use them with impunity. Competition improves the breed and certainly presents the definitive test of whether a part is fit for purpose. To take your friends out for lunch in your Vintage Bentley - you might not need to have a powertrain that has been driven flat out for weeks in the toughest rallies in the world, but it is nice to know your Bentley has a sporting chance of making the lunch date and maintained it's more or less century old tradition for peerless engineering.

Our company motto "Viscera et Gloria" loosely translated as "Guts and Glory", is a mantra all our staff have in mind when preparing clients cars for event use. The attention to detail we apply to competition preparation is fanatical and the proven reliability of our cars in competitive events is evidenced by our clients' success in all the major events. For us the there is nothing we like to see more than the fruits of our labour being tested in the most gruelling endurance rallies in the world. Many of the big endurance events like the Peking to Paris are the ultimate test of man and machine - we build cars not to just compete, but also more than capable of wins against much younger machinery. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your competition aspirations and how we can help.

Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley Event and Competition Preparation Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley Event and Competition Preparation Vintage Bentley Vintage Bentley Event and Competition Preparation

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